• Here is the information about Orange Line Train in Lahore, Pakistan
    Line length: 27.1 km (16.8 mi)

    Stations: 26 (24 elevated, 2 underground)

    Track gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard ga […]

  • My question is that What is total length of track of Orange Line Train in Pakistan?


  • It is noticed that Virtual University has launched new VULMS with a new exciting look after a long time. It is better than the previous one. Now new students can easily understand it.

    Benefits of New LMS: […]

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    Virtual University Changed the LMS Look | Theme

  • Yes! you can change server in PUBG LITE without any VPN or third party App.
    In order to change server in Pubg lite you have to follow this simple and easy step.


    1- Just goto to World Chat

    2- Choose […]

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    How to Change Server in PUBG LITE without any VPN?

  • Cs504 current final term papers 2020

    [8/24, 12:27 PM] Pari: Cs504
    15 mcqs from past
    Total 50 questions
    1)Classes r interfaces given the unhe organized krna tha
    2)portability stick to the […]

  • Cs502 Final Term Papers 2020

    Current and past papers of virtual University

    mcqs almost 30 from past
    draw spanning tree,
    why kanpsack call 0/1,
    three matrices was given we have to calculate values and tell […]

  • Cs610 Final Terms papers 2020

    5:00 PM
    *MCQ’s 90% from past papee*
    Short Questions:
    1.Diffrent b/w Destination and source?
    2.In ARS the protocol adress independent of hadware adress which techinque […]

  • Final Terms Current and Past Papers VU 2020
    Dear students here you can share your current and past papers of VU Virtual University 2020.
    Share your current papers of final term 2020 with other students in order […]

  • Baldiaonline or Baldia Online Application is launched by The Department of Local Government and Community Development (LG & CD) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for citizen of punjab to provide local […]

  • The govt of Punjab has launched Baldia Online App in which you can add a record of Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce.

    Punjab government released Baldia app. You can register the birth of children at […]

    Not exclusively is HDMI fit for moving more data (which converts into higher resolution and higher frame rates) however it can also deliver sound. But VGA is just equipped for moving visuals, and much […]

  • CS605 Assignment 3 solution file August 2020
    Discuss and post solution of CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment no 3 spring semester 2020.

    The closing date of the CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment no […]

  • Withdraw Money of Paynoneer Through JazzCash
    Here is the simple method of withdrawing Pyanoeer amount via JazzCash


    First of all download JazzCash Mobile App
    Login to your JazzCash account on App […]

  • The Solution of CS401 GDB August 2020
    I would like to select RISC-V  for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices. It faster, lower-power hardware with a free, open, simple instruction set architecture.

    If we see the […]

  • The answer to the GDB CS502 Solution August 2020

    In my opinion, A greedy strategy is appropriate for the given scenario.

    as we know Greedy is an algorithmic paradigm that builds up a solution piece by […]

  • Facebook and Instagram Now Merged  Chats
    Facebook Messenger Now use in Instagram 2020

    In its contemporary attempt to make cross-platform messaging less difficult in its circle of relatives of apps, […]

  • Near to me Yes

    Automated tools should be used because it saves Time and Money. Software tests have to be repeated often during development cycles to ensure quality. Every time source code is modified software […]

  • Solution File of CS605 GDB August 2020
    here you can find and discuss cs605 GDB which is updated in August 2020 on VULMS

    CS605 Announced first GDB Of Spring Semester 2020.

    GDB will remain open from 14 August […]

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