CS501 – Advance Computer Architecture Assignment No 2 December 2020


Question No. 01                                                                                                         10 Marks

Write an RTL description for each of the below given Falcon-A instructions.


Instruction RTL Description
JNZ R1, [25]
SHIFTR R3, R2, 5
LOAD R4, [R1 + 20]
MUL R2, R3, R1


Note: You must use a sign-extended the constant in the instructions wherever needed.


Question No. 02                                                                                                            10 Marks

Consider the below-given tables. Table 1 shows the contents stored at different memory addresses. Table 2 shows the contents stored in different registers.


Memory Address Memory Contents Register Register Contents
1530h 45h R[0] AB04h
1531h 90h R[1] 2010h
AB20h 66h R[2] 1520h
AB21h 02h R[3] 0230h
Table 1: Memory Contents Table2: Register Contents


What will the contents of the address bus and data bus after each of the instructions be executed?


  1. LOAD R1, [R0+28]
  2. STORE R3, [R2+16]
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