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Discuss Here GDB CS614 Spring Semester 2020

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The Open date of CS614 GDB is Aug 06, 2020, and the closing date is Aug 07, 2020.

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Gul Super Store was established in 1984 having 100+ branches across Pakistan. This superstore sells a variety of products including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, stationery, beverages, toys, grocery, crockery etc. From 1984 to 1999 the super store was not recording the transactions electronically however from 2000 onward this store is now using a transaction processing system with additional features of recording all transactions, and revenue reporting. The system still lacks the features of smart inventory management for shelf storage of goods and customer segmentation for marketing purpose and for having smart inventory based on customer segments.

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I shall choose

Technique for Shelf Management: as Classification

Technique for Customer Segmentation: Clustering Data Mining

Classification uses predefined classes in which objects are assigned, while clustering identifies similarities between objects.

In the case of Shelf Management, I shall choose classification.In Classification to collect various attributes together into discernable categories, which you can then use to draw further conclusions.

On the other hand, Cluster involves grouping chunks of data together based on their similarities. Clustering involving marketing activities. So it will be good for Customer Segmentation

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Technique for Shelf Management: Clustering Data Mining
Technique for Customer Segmentation: Clustering Data Mining


According to the given scenario the suitable data mining technique is
Clustering because the said technique is used when we have products of similar
traits. We want to segmentation of customers & clients. Suitable for Shelf
Management because find out the group of objects which are similar to each
other in the group but are different from the object in other groups. Clustering
will use due to marketers discover distinct groups in their customer base. And
they can characterize their customer groups based on the purchasing patterns
(Segmentation). Answered question
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