Guys If anyone has the code or developed android application for Smart Event Reminder (SER) of Virtual University 2020?

Then Please must share on this page in the answer section.

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Smart Event Reminder (SER)
 Project Domain / Category
Mobile Application
 Abstract / Introduction
In this busy world it’s quite cumbersome to memorize all important events of your life, daily tasks that must be performed, and especially birthdays of all family members. Sometimes it becomes awkward to forget age of some family member or their coming birthday. The smartphone in our hands can rescue us from this situation. Currently almost all apps available are either only Reminder apps or To Do apps which does not integrate all functionalities into one package.
 The SER mobile application will try to tackle this by offering three main modules:
1)	To Do List
2)	General Events (recurring and non-recurring)
3)	Birthdays Reminder
  Functional Requirements:
 Module I: To Do List
•	The app will offer a comprehensive To Do list to the user in the form of checkboxes
•	User should be able to set reminder/alarm for each list and item, as required
•	User can create as many lists and sub-lists as he/she required
•	Upon checking an item, it should be marked as done and move to the end of the list
Module II: General Events
•	In this module user can enter important dates like Eid holidays or next interview day
•	User should be able to set reminder/alarm for each entry
•	System will show a detailed Calendar view with entries highlighted
 Module III: Birthdays Reminder
•	Main view of this module will be lists with contacts that user has entered
•	User will enter birth year and date of his/her desired contacts and system will show their ages in years
•	Lists will always be sorted by most recent coming birthday on the top
•	Against each contact, total remaining days till his/her coming birthday should be displayed (for example: 10 days to go till 20 years)
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